CFD Analysis

Metcoqatar CFD Consulting offers a wide range of cost effective consulting and user support services in Qatar, which can be tailored to meet customer specific requirements. We work with customers to establish clear goals, realistic costs, and resource requirements to meet their mission requirements, from short-term to multi-year projects.
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is the science of predicting fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, chemical reactions, and related phenomena by solving numerically the set of governing mathematical equations.
Conservation of mass, momentum, energy, species, etc.
The results of CFD analyses are relevant in:

  • Conceptual studies of new designs
  • Detailed product development
  • Troubleshooting
  • Redesig

CFD analysis complements testing and experimentation, by reduces the total effort required in the experiment design and data acquisition

Case Studies by metcoqatar
Human Comfort Flow and Thermal Analysis of amphitheater (Doha, Qatar)

Thermal, air-flow and relative humidity simulations provide the data for rooms and halls that can effectively quantify human comfort inside. These simulations can be used to design ventilation and ducting systems that optimize human comfort with minimum power consumption.

This project aims to study air conditioning system of an amphitheater (Doha,Qatar). The data necessary to conduct this study were provided by:

  • Powermech engineering company,
  • Arab Engineering Bureau
  • Lotus contracting company

The amphitheater has a capacity of 1100 spectators. The study was conducted for extreme conditions (summer seasons, amphitheater considered full).

Tunnel Safety (Doha, Qatar)

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analyses of air movement and smoke clearance in Ras Abu Aboud Road Interchange tunnel, Doha, Qatar.

Ventilation Room (Doha, Qatar)

The objectives were to determine fans operating point, ensure that sufficient air volume flow rate and appropriate tunnel entry airflow velocity was achieved by the fans. Ras Abu Aboud Road Interchange tunnel, Doha, Qatar.

CFD analysis of the car park ventilation system (Doha, Qatar)

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis of air movement in Car Park, Doha, Qatar. The car park comprises a four-level basement parking facility, of which only Basement Level 2 has been modeled.