Metco is committed to providing high quality products and services, protecting and improving the environment, and ensuring employee health and safety. At FJTCO, we believe that the relentless pursuit
of quality and continuous improvement is the only long-term route to success. This is affirmed through the periodic review of our management policies and objectives as they relate to our operations.

Metco is a certified ISO9001:2008 company

Health, Safety, and Environment

The health and safety of Metco employees has been a prime concern and has become an integral part of the culture of the company. Monitoring of safety procedures on site and in the workshops is carried out regularly to ensure compliance to industry safety norms and regulations. As a supplier of environment friendly systems, metco itself applies environment protection systems.

Metco is a certified ISO14001 and ISO18001 company

Qatar Civil Defense

Products and systems supplied by metco related to life safety are approved and certified by Qatar Civil Defense.