Raised Floor Air Conditioning Systems

The Flexible Space Underfloor HVAC System

The AET Flexible Space System is a highly effective underfloor air conditioning system standing out from the rest because of its ability to service varying requirements in offices from the floor void alone, and because it obviates the need for a ceiling void entirely or incase the ceiling is required for other purposes it reduces its depth to a minimum of 15cm to 20cm only.

The F.S.S. air conditioning system comprises individual zone air handling units (CAM) capable of serving areas in the order of 200m sq. Within those zones, fan air terminals (FATS) with their own self-contained control systems serve rooms and open areas simply by drawing quantities of conditioned air from the floor void and delivering them into the office space.

The fan air terminals maintain constant air distribution in their particular rooms or spaces whilst their integral control systems operate dampers controlling the amount of conditioned air drawn from the floor void in accordance with the dictates of their integral room sensors.

Because of this individual control capability, reconfiguration of the office layout is easy and fast as the fan terminals can be simply repositioned without reference to room thermostats etc. They contain no water coils and each one only requires a small cable to connect to the power distribution system under the floor.

The system does away with the need for conventional horizontal distribution ductwork and pipe work in the office area and simply uses the structural slab and access floor as the walls of the duct.